Separation Anxiety – What Not to Do

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Your dog is urinating in the house when you are gone. He should be told he’s wrong, right? Your dog chewed up the couch while he was alone. He should be scolded, right? Your dog is barking when no one is home. You should tell him that he is misbehaving, right? It is a common […]

A Hard Truth: Separation Anxiety Can Exact a Heavy Toll on Guardians

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One of my top goals is to spread hope about positive outcomes for dogs with separation anxiety. After working with many cases personally for many years and recently having witnessed the trainers I’ve trained be successful with their cases as well, I know that separation anxiety can be successfully resolved. Spreading this message of hope […]

Management Is Key

separation anxiety management

I have often spoken and written on the topic of suspending absences while working on separation anxiety. What I mean by that is that you can’t leave the dog alone except during training. A frequent reaction is that this is an outrageous expectation. I disagree. Expecting anything different is unrealistic. Many types of behavior issues […]