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Our CSATs train dogs online with basic technology anyone can use.  No matter where you are located in the world, we can help you and your dog work toward successful separation anxiety resolution.

Benefits to Remote Training

A 21st Century Approach to Relief

Separation anxiety affects 17% of the 89.7 million dogs in the United States. And that’s just the U.S.—the condition strikes dogs and their families all over the world.

Sadly, there are very few dog professionals qualified and available to work with separation anxiety.

That’s why we’ve taken a 21st century approach to helping as many dogs as possible all over the globe.

How Does Remote Separation Anxiety Training Work?

We use simple technology—your smartphone, tablet, or laptop—and easy programs—like Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime—to be there with you and your dog during assessment and training sessions.

This allows us to see what’s happening and guide the training protocols, no matter where you live or what hours your work schedule leaves available for training.

Why Does Remote Training Work?

Unlike many training protocols, separation anxiety doesn’t require the physical presence of the trainer. In fact, the trainer’s presence can actually inhibit progress by changing the normal, everyday circumstances your dog is used to.

The “trainer effect,” as it’s called, often produces false results—dogs seem to be getting better, but only while the trainer is there. Once she leaves, it’s back to anxiety-as-usual.

With remote training, you get all the trainer support without the trainer effect
—which means you get to keep the results you gain.

Beating The Odds

You may have been told separation anxiety isn’t treatable, because it isn’t an easy fix. True, treating SA isn’t quick or easy. It is, however, simple, and proper treatment can greatly reduce or resolve your dog’s separation anxiety. You and your dog both deserve that.

The Benefits of Remote Separation Anxiety Training

Work with the most qualified SA experts. Remote training means access to our expert team no matter where you live.

Schedule training-time that works for you. Working remotely allows us to work across time zones and to accommodate your busy schedule.

Pay for training-time, not travel-time. Cutting out travel-time allows us to keep training fees as modest as possible.

Maintain your privacy and routine. No home visits means no need to rush home after work to straighten up, and no extra pressures added to your week.

Remove the guesswork. Because we carefully create an individualized program for you, all of the guesswork as to what you should be doing day-to-day is removed.

Get the best possible results. Working with the top SA experts and avoiding the “trainer effect” provides the best possible results in the most expedient amount of time.

Not A Techie? No Fear!

Try our 21st Century Approach To SA

If you’re a techie you’re going to love the way we work.

But if gadgets aren’t your thing, don’t worry—we’ll keep it simple. If you can dial a phone and start up your computer, we can help bring you and your dog relief.

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