Saving Strider: The journey is not easy, but the results are so worth it

Four things contributed to my rash decision to adopt a dog when I probably shouldn’t have: I was 24. He was “free” because I worked at the shelter. I thought I could take whatever a new dog could throw at me because I have an animal behavior background. Look at his face. Could you blame […]

Separation Anxiety – What Not to Do

dog - just say no

Your dog is urinating in the house when you are gone. He should be told he’s wrong, right? Your dog chewed up the couch while he was alone. He should be scolded, right? Your dog is barking when no one is home. You should tell him that he is misbehaving, right? It is a common […]

Travel Training My SepAnx Dog

The irony of all ironies for me was discovered within days after bringing home my brand-new puppy. We named her Tini as in “Tini DeMartini,” and boy did she ever live up to that name. Within a day or two of arriving in our home, she started shadowing me everywhere — it was as if […]

What’s the difference between sneakers and high heels? Ask your dog.

shoes as predeparture cues

You ever get the feeling someone is watching your every move? If you have a dog, someone is. When was the last time you walked into the kitchen without a pair of eyes following you? The last time you used the bathroom in private? But no dog is more vigilant than a separation anxiety dog. […]

How Serious Is It and Does It Matter?

dog clues of severity

In working with various dog behavior disorders, including separation anxiety, we often categorize the level of severity. We talk about bite severity scales, how much the dog jumps, what the lack of impulse control is, how often he is pulling. We even address the pace of the dog’s learning curve. As a culture, we are […]