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Our CSATs are trained to help improve your dog’s separation anxiety symptoms and improve their overall quality of life using a clear, consistent, and effective plan.  There is no better separation anxiety dog trainer than a CSAT!

Does this sound familiar?

“I can’t leave my dog alone because…”

We Understand Dogs With Separation Anxiety And Can Help

Hello. I’m Malena DeMartini. I’ve spent almost two decades specializing in dogs with separation anxiety, working many hundreds of cases, and helping countless guardians and families overcome this devastating condition to get their lives back. My team and I have seen and dealt with every thinkable variation of SA, and we know how to help.
Malena DeMartini

Endorsed by Industry
Leading Organizations

Based on current scientific evidence, AVSAB recommends that only reward-based training methods are used for all dog training, including the treatment of behavior problems. Click here to learn more.

Beating The Odds

You may have been told separation anxiety isn’t treatable, because it isn’t an easy fix. True, treating SA isn’t quick or easy. It is, however, simple, and proper treatment can greatly reduce or resolve your dog’s separation anxiety. You and your dog both deserve that.

How The Program Works

Separation Anxiety Dog Trainer
Separation Anxiety Dog Trainer

Why Work With Us?

Ready For Hope ?

Try our 21st Century Approach To SA
Today’s technology—laptops, smartphones, video recorders, Skype, Zoom—has revolutionized how we help dogs with separation anxiety, greatly reducing training setbacks. If you’re a techie, you’re going to love how we work. (Don’t worry if gadgets aren’t your thing—if you can dial a phone and start up your computer, we’re good to go.)
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