How to Leave a Dog with Separation Anxiety Alone

How to leave a dog with separation anxiety alone

As you may or may not know, dog separation anxiety is a debilitating condition that likely causes some disruptive behavior in your pup. He’s not upset with you, he’s basically having panic attacks that are truly terrifying. If you’d like to learn more about separation anxiety, I’d recommend you read these FAQs to answer some of your questions. If you’re here because you are looking for an answer to the question “how to leave a dog with separation anxiety alone” then read on to learn why this actually is not the correct question to be asking.

Dealing with Separation Anxiety: What About You?

Separation Anxiety Dog Trainer

I have a list (a long one even) of topics that I want to write about with respect to dog separation anxiety and the training involved. The good news is that I will be addressing those topics soon not just in written form but in a variety of different mediums

Dog Separation Anxiety Medication

Unique in Every Way But One It has been an absolute honor to have spent almost 18 years working with dog separation anxiety clients.  I have learned so much and gained a tremendous understanding of the nuances of this condition. Every dog is a unique individual and presents something slightly different for me to discover […]

The Shocking Truth – Separation Anxiety and Bark Collars

Caution when using bark collars for sep anx

Baldwin the Bulldog barked and barked and barked when he was left home alone. Because his guardians, Samantha and her fiancé Paul, received complaints by their landlord and neighbors about the noise, they purchased a “bark collar” in hopes of quieting Baldwin. First, they used one that sprayed citronella in Baldwin’s face when he barked, […]

Fixing Separation Anxiety with Another Dog – Yay or Nay?

While looking through Facebook, Google records and other social media requests, I discovered that there are a few questions that come up very commonly. One of these questions is about getting another dog to stay with the separation anxiety afflicted dog in order to alleviate the stress. There are certainly different angles to consider when […]

Suspending absences: Not just doable. It’s being done!

  Many, if not most, dog trainers shy away from working with pups who suffer from separation anxiety. In fact, when I started working with sep-anx dogs more than 16 years ago, my client had to beg me to take on her case. She had been turned down by six other trainers already, and she […]

Family Dynamics in Training Separation Anxiety

Family in field silhouette separation anxiety

It is a lovely thing when we get to have relationships with loved ones and that includes the dog! I find it fascinating that the majority of our separation anxiety clients are either single or just two people in the family. Is this some sort of self-selecting process? Maybe, or maybe families with kids have […]

Why and How Dogs Develop Separation Anxiety

Golden Separation Anxiety training tips

Why does my dog have separation anxiety? This is always a difficult question for me to answer when I am asked this by a dog guardian. The short answer is that we don’t have a good answer for that question, but there may be some explanation of this disorder. The most important thing to know […]

Attachment Ain’t The Thing

  Does your dog cling to you or shadow you everywhere you go? Even to the bathroom? It has been said that dogs with separation anxiety have an over-attachment to their guardians, but evidence shows that this is not necessarily true. If you talk to your friends, colleagues and neighbors with dogs that don’t have […]