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Dogs with Separation Anxiety

Our expert Certified Separation Anxiety Trainers can help your dog overcome separation anxiety issues and the associated behaviors.  Let us help improve you and your dog’s quality of life.

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Welcome. I’m Malena DeMartini. I’ve spent close to two decades specializing in separation anxiety, and have trained a small army of the very best trainers to help in my work to bring relief to as many dogs and their people as possible. Together, we’ve helped many hundreds of families and dogs overcome this awful canine disorder. We’d love to help you too.

There is Hope

Separation Anxiety in dogs is a devastating condition. It drives dogs to destroy their homes, bark until the neighbors complain, even harm themselves in their panic.

It causes dog owners great stress and worry, breaks their banks as they replace destroyed rugs, furniture, and door frames, and breaks their hearts as they watch their dogs suffer. It causes trainers dread; they know the history of successful case resolution has been dismal in the past.

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What Is Separation Anxiety?

Dogs suffering from SA experience anything from mild anxiety to uncontrollable panic when left alone. It is a heart-rending canine condition that, unfortunately, does not resolve on its own without training. 

Meet Our Team of Experts

Malena DeMartini-Price has dedicated her career to finding better ways to treat separation anxiety. She oversees a team of highly experienced and uniquely qualified Certified Separation Anxiety Trainers in order to help as many dogs as possible. Working together, these top-tier trainers pool their knowledge, skills, and brainpower to give even the toughest cases hope of a successful recovery.

Dogs with Separation Anxiety

Remote Training Options

Our unique use of simple, easy technology allows you to access our separation anxiety experts no matter where you live, or how harried your schedule. Learn more about how remote training can bring you and your dog relief.

Trainer Education

If you’re a dog professional looking for increased confidence and better SA case resolution, Malena can help. Her separation anxiety book, DVD or weekend seminars are a great place to start. Additionally, Malena’s Separation Anxiety Certification Program teaches accomplished dog professionals how to effectively work with SA cases for maximum success. Learn more about the Separation Anxiety Certification Program if you’re ready to help.

Dog Separation Anxiety

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