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Tina Flores

Tina, KPA-CTP, CSAT, and Puppy Start Right instructor is the owner of Doggy Einsteins Training. Her passion for helping pet guardians learn to effectively communicate with their dogs through the use of scientifically based, force-free training methods stems from her experience and love of her own (recovered) separation anxiety dog, Chile.

Carmaleta Aufderheide

Carmaleta (Carm), M.S., KPA-CTP, CPDT-KA, CSAT, owns Northstar Training Solutions in Eugene, Oregon. Her engagement in graduate school research into the human animal bond with vulnerable populations sparked her career in dog training, behavior, and commitment to helping families and their dogs through difficult times. Carm is also trained in mediation & facilitation and brings remarkable compassion and commitment to her work.

Genevieve Cahill

Genevieve, MA, CVT, CSAT, CCFT found her love for animal behavior at a very young age. She has been a certified veterinary nurse for 20 years, and operates her business Modern Animal Behavior, working in her community with local vets and shelters as a Fear Free Certified Professional and Certified Canine Fitness Trainer. She takes a holistic approach to helping dogs and owners with their behavior struggles using only the most current science based techniques. She loves to help owners and their dogs find the peace and harmony they truly deserve.

Rachel Thornton

Rachel, KPA-CTP, CPDT-KA, CSAT, Faculty Advisor for Victoria Stilwell Academy of Dog Training and Behavior. Rachel is the owner of Cold Nose College, Natchez Trace as well as a well-known trainer and mentor in the service dog community. Rachel has expertise in breeding and raising puppies and enjoys continued study of dog behavior. She delights in assisting dogs and their owners to work through behavioral challenges, like separation anxiety, to achieve less stress and more fun.

Tara Houser

Tara, MS, CSAT, KPA-CTP, PMCT2, CPDT-KA, has been training professionally in her business, Real Pet Behavior, since 2010. Her compassion for both ends of the leash grew from her experience in helping her dogs thru challenges with separation and noise sensitivities. She now enjoys helping dogs and their people overcome similar struggles and build stronger relationships using evidence based, force free training techniques.

Ally Verba

Ally, CPDT-KA, CSAT, has been helping families attain their training goals since 2010. Though Separation Anxiety and puppy training + socialization are her specialties, she is happy to take on additional behavior cases of all shapes and sizes! Ally’s approach to training is based on choice, empowerment, and positive reinforcement. She believes that allowing our pets to navigate their worlds without unnecessary fear and anxiety helps to not only create healthy human-canine bonds, but also sets up our pets for the years to come.

Jenna Powell

Jenna, CSAT, CPDT-KA, Puppy Start Right Instructor, and AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator is the owner of Cold Nose College West. Jenna credits her own recovered separation anxiety dog, Bentley, for inspiring her to help other dogs and their guardians overcome this devastating phobia. It is her top priority to use the most humane and effective training methods to help you and your dog connect and thrive.

Jane Wolff

Jane, CTC, CPDT-KA, CSAT is an honors graduate of the Academy for Dog Trainers whose interest in training really took off after working with her own separation anxiety dog (now recovered), Nina. When she is not working with separation anxiety, Jane loves teaching group classes and helping fearful dogs feel better about the world. She is currently working with her second own separation anxiety dog, Asha.

Maia Huff-Owen

Maia, M.A. M.Sc., KPA-CTP, CSAT, is a graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy, a Fear-Free Certified Professional and a passionate student of animal behavior. Having come to professional dog training by way of research in graduate school, Maia has been lucky enough to have extensive and ongoing training from some of the most respected specialists in the animal behavior world. Among her best teachers, however, she counts her wonderful dog, Cliquot, whose recovery from a long list of phobias has cemented her passion to help change the lives of fearful dogs and their guardians for the better.

Tiffany Lovell

Tiffany, CPDT-KA, CSAT, AAI owns Cold Nose College, Space Coast, FLA and is the only Fear Free Certified Professional in her area. Her written work can be seen in Whole Dog Journal and Barks from the Guild. Tiffany’s focus is education, and she is truly passionate about working with separation anxiety.

Lynn Webb

Lynn, M.A., KPA CTP, CSAT, CTMT, started her journey into dog training when she and her husband adopted their American Staffordshire Terrier. To help their dog, she turned to the internet and found a lot of conflicting information, which inspired her to learn and work towards helping others with anxious dogs. After she became certified through the Karen Pryor Academy, she went on to earn certification in canine massage and Separation Anxiety. Through her company, The Proficient Pup, Lynn focuses on helping shy, nervous, worried, and reactive doggies and the people who love them.

Bob Ryder

Bob, CSAT, PMCT-4, CPDT-KA. Bob has been training his own family dogs for over 30 years, and working professionally since 2009 when he and his wife Susan launched Pawsitive Transformations Dog Training. He is a perpetual student of canine behavior science, devoted to gentle/friendly training techniques, and deeply enjoys helping clients and dogs make the most of their relationship by living happily and safely together. Bob and Susan live in Bloomington, Illinois with their “Labra-daughter” Daisy.

Joann Rechtine

Joann, MS, MPH, RN, CPDT-KA, FDM, CSAT has been working with dogs professionally for over twenty years and specializes in separation anxiety work.  She is a graduate of the Turid Rugaas International Dog Trainer Education program, is a Family Dog Mediator, and a Fear Free™ Certified Trainer. A keen student of animal behavior, Joann is always learning and uses kindness, compassion and science when working with clients and their dogs. In addition, she organizes educational events for dog professionals around the world.

Dana Rebaza

Dana (they/she/he), CSAT, is a graduate with distinction from both the Karen Pryor Academy and Victoria Stilwell Academy, and is also trained in grief recovery education. They got their start in dog training after adopting two dogs – one that struggled with separation anxiety and one that struggled with reactivity. Dana strives to create a safe, supportive environment for all learners – dogs and humans alike. They consider it the honor of their career to help you and your dog overcome separation anxiety. Dana also meets with clients via The Brave Dog Collective based in North Carolina. They are a practicing yogi, yoga teacher (RYT 200), and practice vipassana meditation daily.

Kristine Adams

Kristine, CTC, PCBC-A, CSAT, CPDT-KA is a graduate of Jean Donaldson’s Academy for Dog Trainers, a Fear-Free Certified Professional and a life long learner. Kristine first worked with dogs as an off leash dog walker in San Francisco, CA in the early 2000’s where she fell in with the science based, behavior obsessed crowed and has never looked back. Kristine approaches dogs and their behaviors on a holistic level. Using training based in science, agency, positivity and free of fear, coercion, or pain is the key to reaching out goals and having a healthy, life long bond with our sweet friends.

Kathryn Gabriele

Kathryn is a VSA-Certified Dog Trainer (Online), a certified Family Dog Mediator, a Fear Free Certified Professional, and a passionate student of animal behavior. Her journey into dog training began after adopting her first dog, Cyrus, and she has continued to learn from and work with many respected professionals in the animal behavior world since. Kathryn’s experiences helping Cyrus to overcome his fearfulness and separation anxiety, as well as her experiences as a shelter volunteer, are her “why” for working to better the lives of both dogs and their guardians.

Fanna Easter

With over 30 years of experience, Fanna focuses on separation anxiety and compulsive disorders. Fanna makes it her personal mission to continue learning. She has earned multiple national and international certifications in animal behavior and dog training. Recently, she he expertly advised and developed a new separation anxiety course for all Petco stores. Also, she’s authored several articles for Vice News, Dogs Naturally Magazine, Animal Wellness Magazine, and numerous online blogs. Currently, Fanna serves on the board of directors for the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) and shares her home with Eli Joseph (Miniature Bull Terrier).

Carol Peshman

Carol is a VSA-Certified Dog Trainer (Online) and has been passionate about animals since an early age. She supports shelters through volunteering and fostering. Carol continues to learn more about animal behavior, with a focus on dog aggression.

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Alexandra Malone

Alice Tong

Alison Buehler

Allison Lamminen

Allison Schaefer

Ally Verba

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Amie Glasgow

Ana Verissimo

Anette Enneking

Angela Doyle

Angela Gardner

Athena Labberton

Barbara Deg

Beth Brown

Beth Friedman

Beth Grooms

Beverly Lassiter

Blythe Bouchard (Neer)

Bob Ryder

Bonnie Logue

Brittany Jacobsen

Caitlin Wolfe

Carlos Míllara

Carmaleta Aufderheide

Caryn Charlie Liles

Casey McGee

Cate Taylor

CC Bourgeois

Chantal Mills

Chloe MacBean

Christine Meijer

Christophe Bleyenheuft

Christy Parker

Claudine Prud’homme

Coline Guérin

Dan Raymer

Dana Rebaza

Daša Lipovšek

Deb Codiroli

Deb Manheim

Deb Norris

Elizabeth Scollo

Elly Silverio

Emily Blythe

Emily Markham

Emma Holly

Erietta Karampetsou

Erin Britton

Fanna Easter

Felicity Kelleher

Gaëlle Coconnier

Genevieve Cahill

Geraldine Wickham

Gitta Vaughn

Hannah Thiemann

Helen Dohrmann

Helen Tyrrell

Holden Svirsky

Holly Ovington

Hylke Walters

Ingrid Haskal

Irith Bloom

Jackie Johnston

Jackie Pekar

Jane Wolff

Janice Zazinski

Jen Abrams

Jen Hurst

Jenna Powell

JennaLee Gallicchio

Jenni Pfafman

Jennie Murphy

Jennifer Gailis

Jennifer Pratt

Jennifer Reed

Jenny Harlow

Jessica Char

Jill Haley Rose

JJ Martocchio

Joan Hunter Mayer

Joan Morse

Joanie Dufour

Joanie Frigon-Carriere

Joann Rechtine

Jocelyn Walls

Jolene Harmer

Julie Barclay

Karen Baragona

Karishma Warr

Kate LaSala

Katherine Davidson

Kathrine Christ

Katie Brill

Katie Guille

Kay Warnes

Kelly McFarlane

Kelsie Scroggins

Kim Roche

Kimbra Doran

Kristine Adams

Kristyn Frohock

Laura Glaser Harrington

Laura Witkowski

Léa Hernandez

Leonie Poulter

Leslie Wiesner

Lilian Op Heij

Linda Brodzik

Linda Keehn

Linda Monico

Lisa Lyle Waggoner

Lisa Manolius

Lisa Marino

Lisa Skavienski

Liz Fisher

Lorena Patti

Lyndal Hasselman

Lynn Brearey

Lynn Honeckman, DVM

Lynn Webb

Maggie Pearson

Maia Huff Owen

Maria Karunungan

Marion Nicolas

Maureen Derseweh

Max Sandí

Meghan D’Arcy

Melanie Cerone

Melissa Croes

Melissa Dallier

Michael Baugh

Michael Preis

Michael Schaier

Moira Hechenleitner, DVM

Nadia Magallon

Nancy Le

Natalie Osborne

Nee Kang

Nick Hof

Nicole Barnett

Nicole Kohanski

Pamela Rhodes

Pamela Wyman

Patricia Grechi

Patti OFarrell

Peggy McCarty

Petrina Firth

Phyllis Zboril

Rachel Callery

Rachel Thornton

Raphaël Pépin

Ren Volpe

Rhea Northcut

Rikke Svensson

Roger Bergez

Sabrina Mignacca

Sadie Goldman

Saffrina Rice


Sara Munro

Sarah (Cloe) Bruinsma

Sarah Anderson

Sarah Bond

Sarah Richardson

Saundra Clow

Scotti Harvey

Shannon Thier

Sharon Besco

Sharon Labossiere

Sharon Nelson

Sheelah Gullion

Shelley Harrison

Shelley MacEachern

Shelly Keel

Shoshi Parks

Sonia Calvert

Sonya Bevan

Stephanie Barger

Stephanie Dowdell

Stephanie Keesey-Phelan

Susan Marett

Sylvia Koczerzuk

Tabea Stawitz

Tara Houser

Terrie Hayward

Tiffany Lovell

Tim Steele

Tina Flores

Toni Clarke

Toni Woods

Tracey Hagan

Tracy I Martin

Tracy Krulik

Tricia Del Sorbo Pape

V (Victoria) Thibodeaux

Vanessa Fischbuch

Vanessa Niemi

Vinciane DeBruyne

Vivian Zottola

Yasmin Baylor

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