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We have a variety of solutions designed to help your dog overcome the crippling symptoms of separation anxiety.
Fixing The ‘Unfixable’

A Long Term Solution

The objective of our various training programs is to address your dog’s separation anxiety from the root of the issue. While some resources online may have mentioned the ability to provide quick-fixes for separation anxiety, please know that these will rarely address the real issue: anxiety. Anxiety in dogs is experienced differently for each, thus the need for customized programs for every dog facing separation anxiety.

Mission: POSSIBLE Online Separation Anxiety Course


Monthly One on One Remote Training Protocol With CSAT


Ad Hoc Remote Training Support With CSAT Per Hour


How Do The Training Programs Work?

We believe the only way to treat separation anxiety is through individualized training protocols. We ask that you ‘sign a contract’ or ‘shake hands’ with your dog, promising that you’ll never leave her alone longer than she can handle. Once you are able to secure this contract, a systematic desensitization training plan will need to be put into place by a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT) or yourself, depending on the program you choose.

Separation Anxiety is most effective when done remotely, within your own home and with the use of video technology. This technology is extremely simple and can be done using anything from your laptop, a tablet, your smartphone or an inexpensive easy to use camera that we can advise you to purchase. Don’t worry! You don’t have to be super tech savvy to get this part right! You can read more on the benefits of remote training for separation anxiety here.

Mission: POSSIBLE – Online Separation Anxiety Course

Mission POSSIBLE is our online, self-paced course for guardians looking for an accessible and comprehensive do-it-yourself training resource. In the course, Malena and her team of separation anxiety experts guide you step-by-step through the process of creating and executing a successful separation anxiety training plan for your dog.

By the end of the course, you’ll have a deeper understanding of what separation anxiety is and how to help your dog overcome it, be able to teach your dog alone time can feel safe, and recognize many of the myths surrounding the causes and treatment of separation anxiety.

The course has seven sections, each of which is broken down into several lessons focusing on key components of the training process that include written and audio/visual content, as well as links to downloadable resources and discussion boards that our team of Certified Separation Anxiety Trainers read and respond to daily – you will not be alone in this course!

Mission POSSIBLE is truly the most robust educational tool available for separation anxiety training. The first lesson is freely available for you to preview and learn more, and for $199 you can purchase the full course, which gives you lifetime access to all included content and resources.

Monthly Remote Training Protocol With CSAT

Separation anxiety training is a gradual process and because it is a complex behavior, we work extremely closely with our clients, 5 days a week. We create individualized daily exercises (which we call Missions) and provide considerable feedback regularly.

We require a 4 week minimum commitment as this is the very least amount of time that we feel will allow us to get a beginning foothold on the behavior and also start to teach you how the separation anxiety protocol works.

What’s included:

Daily Mission creation (5 days a week) – take the guesswork out of your training plan! We create your very individualized training exercises each day based on what you and your personal dog needs. This is not a standardized training plan, but rather a day-by-day training plan written specifically for you.

Daily cheerleading, support and feedback (5 days a week) – you are not alone in any way as you go through your separation anxiety journey. We have worked with many hundreds of separation anxiety clients and we understand your needs.

Weekly live online assessments with you and your dog – not only will we be in touch in our shared notes almost daily, one day a week we will meet together live to assess your dog and to chat more in depth about any questions or concerns that may be cropping up.

Proprietary system of progress and data tracking – we know that dogs are sentient beings and as such sometimes progress is not linear. We take great care to watch the trajectory of the dog’s progress and go through the data with a fine-tooth comb to make sure we can tease out any nuances along the way.

An entire team of experts with eyes on your case – our team of Certified Separation Anxiety Trainers not only have a very active online discussion community, but we also meet live regularly to collaborate on cases and help support each other. So not only do you get the expertise of your personal CSAT, but also the collective assistance of the entire group of incredibly skilled professionals from around the world.

In our complimentary 30-minute phone call we will help you identify our recommended solution.

The pricing for our most complete package is $840.

Ad Hoc Remote Training Support

For those just looking for a one-time discussion about their dog and how to proceed on their own, we can help. Sometimes guardians get stuck when they are working on their own protocol and we can help get them through some of the tough spots. Additionally, trainers that are working with separation anxiety cases oftentimes want to review their plan with us and we are more than happy to do so.

A one-hour consultation using online software such as Zoom or Skype is typically suggested.

Ad-hoc session pricing is $250.

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