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Malena DeMartini is the leading expert in canine separation anxiety, specializing exclusively in working with this behavior issue since 2001. Her passion for providing dogs and their people relief from this devastating welfare issue has motivated her to share with fellow trainers what she has learned from working hundreds of cases in her more than two decades of experience.

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Malena has presented for global audiences at professional dog training workshops, conferences, and webinars. She has given talks on canine separation anxiety for the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, and the Pet Professional Guild. She has also held numerous seminars, including for the Ottawa Humane Society, ON, Humane Society of Boulder, CO, and SPCA of Westchester, NY.

Separation Anxiety in Dogs: Next Generation Treatment Protocols and Practices

Price: $ 19.95
Working in collaboration with a large network of Certified Separation Anxiety Trainers to collect data, conduct research, and continuously improve the well-being of dogs and the people who love them for more than two decades, this book outlines the newest, most effective strategies related to the key elements of treating separation anxiety in dogs. Any trainer or guardian dealing with separation anxiety will find this book a valued resource.

Mission POSSIBLE, An online course for separation anxiety

Price $199, lifetime access
This course is for dog guardians and pros looking to learn more about treating separation in dogs. It is self-paced and includes interactive content, downloadable resources, and the opportunity to learn from experts, hear about other people’s journeys, and receive step-by-step guidance on creating a training protocol to help dogs overcome their separation anxiety.

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