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Malena DeMartini-Price is well known in the dog training world for her expertise in treating canine separation anxiety disorder. Her passion for providing dogs and their people relief from this devastating condition has motivated her to share with fellow trainers what she’s learned from over a decade of taking only separation anxiety cases.

Upcoming Seminars & Webinars

Separation Anxiety – A BUTTONknows Woofinar

WHERE: Virtual
WHEN: May 30, 2020

An educational woofinar, which will teach you how to help your pup cope with the separation anxiety that may arise when quarantine – and WFH – ends.

Previous Seminars

St. Petersburg, FL – October 2019
Essex, UK – May 2019
Black Mountain – April 2019
Ottawa – March 2019
Finca Tierra Sana – October 2018
Ferndale, Michigan – June 2018
Waukesha, Wisconsin – May 2018
Humane Society of Boulder, Colorado – February 2017
Redondo Beach, California – February 2017
Women’s Humane Society in Pennsylvania – April 2017
Tokyo, Japan – April 2017
Vancouver, British Columbia – April 2017
Rincon, Puerto Rico – November 2017
SPCA of Westchester, NY – December 2017
Santiago, Chile – November 2016
United Kingdom – May 2015
Gold Coast, Australia – November 2015

Further Learning Opportunities about Separation Anxiety through Malena DeMartini

Price: $ 19.95

Treating Separation Anxiety In Dogs

Treating separation anxiety is not quick or easy– but it can be done. In this important book, Malena shares her treatment protocol to help dogs overcome the fear of being left alone. Trainer handouts, detailed step-by-step training tips, and a sample initial interview questionnaire are included.

“This book gives us all a road map. Countless dogs will be saved from euthanasia or a life of perpetual misery.” –Jean Donaldson, Founder & Director, The Academy for Dog Trainers, author of Culture Clash

“An indispensable guide for anyone looking to make successful treatment of separation anxiety an integral part of their training business.” –Veronica Boutelle, dog*tec founder and co-president, author of How To Run a Dog Business

“Two paws up! Separation anxiety is a major league problem. Malena’s book is recommended reading for anyone working with a dog affected with this disorder.” –Dr. Nicholas Dodman, Director of Animal Behavior Clinic, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, author of The Dog Who Loved Too Much

Mission Possible

Price: $ 99

Mission: POSSIBLE, An Online Separation Anxiety Course

This course is for dog guardians and pros looking to learn more about treating separation anxiety for dogs long-term. This course is self-paced and provides people with the opportunity to learn straight from the experts, hear about other people’s journeys and receive step-by-step guidance on creating a training protocol for the separation anxiety dog in your life.

Fixing the Unfixable: A New Look at Separation Anxiety

Presented by: Malena DeMartini and Gine Phairas

Run Time: 9 hrs 26 mins

Think treating separation anxiety is a losing proposition? Think again!

Advances in technology, new ways of thinking about client compliance, and a structured approach to packaging separation anxiety services have made what once seemed nearly impossible—successful resolution of even severe separation anxiety cases—quite doable.

Gina Phairas of dog*tec and Malena DeMartini, a California-based San Francisco SPCA Academy grad specializing in separation anxiety with hundreds of cases under her belt, join forces for this powerful two-day seminar.

You’ll learn how to tackle sepanx with confidence, help more dogs, and boost your income with this training niche.

This video was produced by Tawzer Dog LLC from a dog*tec seminar held in Milpitas in the summer of 2015, hosted by the Humane Society of Silicon Valley

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