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I am so lucky to work with amazing clients whose dogs are suffering from separation anxiety. These individuals are the absolute best guardians imaginable in their tireless commitment and...

Problem-Solving the Puzzle of Alone Time Management

Over the last year and a half, I’ve spoken with countless guardians of dogs with separation anxiety looking for support. In our initial conversation, we talk about what separation anxiety is, what it’s like to work a training protocol, and, yes, why managing the dog’s alone time is a requirement for successful training. Like with

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Urgency is the Enemy of Progress

There is no question in my mind about the genuine need to regain your life and leave your home without the tremendous concern for your dog’s wellbeing. I get it. I’ve been through a separation anxiety protocol with my own dog, Tini DeMartini, and I have not forgotten the painstaking weeks and months I devoted

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FAQs Unpacked: Providing Answers and Dispelling Myths

My team and I speak daily to guardians seeking support to help their dogs overcome separation anxiety. Those conversations are such a gift to us, and we learn a tremendous amount from each and every person we speak with. While every separation anxiety scenario is unique, there are some common threads in these calls that

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Get The Right Information First

So why are we talking about this? Well, this is an important topic for any day, but it is also National Dog Training Education Month, and, therefore, particularly fitting to talk about the information and education that will yield the most effective separation anxiety training results while using kind, gentle, humane practices.

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Unleashing New Hope! Introducing Mission POSSIBLE 2.0

With the start of a new year comes the idea of new beginnings and new or renewed senses of hope, joy, and optimism. Many of us make resolutions — things we want to commit to or recommit to — or bucket lists of the things we want to make sure to do in the months

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About Malena

Malena DeMartini is renowned in the dog training industry for her work with separation anxiety over the past two 

decades, for more information about Malena Read More…

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