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Separation Anxiety

Whether you choose our online, self-paced course, best-selling book, or another resource, it is important you get your pup the help they need.  Separation anxiety can be overcome with the right training, consistency, patience, and guidance.

Recommended Reading

It has now been six years since the release of Malena DeMartini-Price’s best-selling first book, Treating Separation Anxiety in Dogs.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Malena has been busy teaching and mentoring dog trainers worldwide to become Certified Separation Anxiety Trainers (CSAT).

Working in collaboration with a large network of trainers to collect data and conduct research, new strategies have been developed on many of the key elements of treating separation anxiety.

Now, in a completely new book, Malena share these strategies for the use of current technologies, no absence management, and improved desensitization techniques.
Any trainer or guardian dealing with separation anxiety will find this book a valued resource.

These books and many other stellar titles can be found at
Dogwise is the best resource for literature having to do with all things positive regarding you and your beloved dog.
Karen Pryor
Jean Donaldson
Nicole Wilde

Self Paced Course:
Mission Possible

Our online, self paced course, Mission POSSIBLE is the perfect place to start your separation anxiety journey.  Moderated by CSATs, you’ll learn the ins and outs of SA better preparing your for one on one training

Recommended Listening

Malena DeMartini has been a speaker at many events and provides workshops on separation anxiety around the world.
You can also take a listen to some of her interviews and discussions on separation anxiety in dogs from the podcasts and online webinars on this page.
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