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We are experts in treating and resolving separation anxiety. Let us help your dog learn to relax home alone and give you your life back.
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Hello. I’m Malena DeMartini. I’ve spent more than two decades specializing in dogs with separation anxiety, working many hundreds of cases, and helping countless guardians and families overcome this devastating condition to get their lives back. My team and I have seen and dealt with every thinkable variation of separation anxiety, and we know how to help.

Dog separation anxiety training

What You Can Expect from Us

  • Highly-experienced Professionals: CSATs are established and respected dog professionals with extensive training experience and a comprehensive background in animal behavior before specializing in separation anxiety.
  • Specialized Training: Becoming a CSAT includes a rigorous application and interview process to be accepted into a specialized program of study that includes over 100 hours of instruction, personalized feedback, a deep dive into separation anxiety and its treatment, and multiple exams.
  • Mastery of Dog Body Language: CSATs have a deep understanding of canine body language, which is essential for interpreting and successfully addressing your dog’s separation anxiety.
  • Ongoing Professional Learning: CSATs are part of an exclusive and collaborative community of expert trainers who participate in continuous education under Malena DeMartini, ensuring they remain at the cutting edge of separation anxiety treatment.
  • Empathy and Understanding: Our compassionate and collaborative approach is rooted in understanding the emotional toll separation anxiety can take on dogs and their guardians; we consider it our mission and responsibility to be there for the pups and their people.
  • Relationship-Centered: As your dog’s guardian, we see and value your needs throughout this journey and strive to build and nurture client relationships grounded in mutual respect and trust. 
  • Emotional Support and Counseling: As CSATs, we’re there with you every step of your training journey to share in celebrating the wins and to provide emotional support, helping to ease the burden as you navigate the challenges of managing a dog with separation anxiety.
  • Collaboration and Cooperation: We work closely not only with guardians as integral partners in this work, but also with other members of your dog’s care team (e.g. veterinarians and veterinary behaviorists) to provide the most comprehensive approach to ensuring your dog’s alone time success.
  • Systematic Desensitization Techniques: This is the gold standard for treating separation anxiety and involves, first, exposing your dog to tiny increments of alone time that are not stressful to them and then gradually and systematically increasing that exposure as they learn alone time can feel safe.
  • Customized Training Support: Each dog is as unique as their nose print, which is why we begin by assessing your dog’s specific needs to then create personalized training protocols up to five days each week tailored to address their specific needs (and yours). 
  • Innovative and Adaptive Approaches: CSATs are constantly working with each dog/guardian team to find what works best for that specific team, which means engaging in creative problem-solving and adapting our technique and approach to address any unique challenges your case may present.
  • Ethical and Humane Practices: Our training practices are grounded in the latest scientific research; they are kind, gentle, and effective, ensuring we’re helping your dog overcome their separation anxiety as efficiently as possible while minimizing stress and anxiety every step of the way.  
Still looking to learn more?

Read this blog post by one of our CSATs about her journey into this work, how she approaches her work with clients, and what it’s like to have a CSAT guide you and your dog through this journey: Why I LOVE Being a CSAT.

There Is Hope!

You may have been told separation anxiety isn’t treatable because it isn’t an easy fix. True, it will take some time and commitment, but it is treatable. Our approach can greatly reduce and resolve your dog’s separation anxiety. You and your dog deserve that!
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