Separation Anxiety Dog Trainer: The Human Element

What is a Separation Anxiety Dog Trainer?

Dog separation anxiety is a condition that causes dogs to display disruptive behaviors at home.  Essentially, your dog is having a panic attack every time you leave your home. Being alone is a genuinely scary experience for them.  If you’d like to learn more about separation anxiety read about it here.  A Separation Anxiety Dog Trainer is a special breed of person who has dedicated themselves to bettering the lives of pups, and owners. 

We refer to our separation anxiety dog trainers as CSATs – Certified Separation Anxiety Trainers.  We make this distinction because our CSATs are the best of the best.  They are generally already successful dog trainers who have demonstrated a long history in fear free training.  CSATs also go through a rigorous three month course which trains them how to work one on one with separation anxiety cases.  This skill set is much different than traditional dog training.

Why Work With a CSAT or Separation Anxiety Dog Trainer

We truly believe the most effective way to help your dog overcome separation anxiety is by working one on one with a CSAT.  Our CSATs have an incredibly high success rate and have resolved hundreds of cases over the years.  Additionally, when you work with a CSAT you’re tapping into a network of over 100 trainers who all support each other.  This network of like minded and skilled trainers communicate daily, sharing best practices, new ideas, and innovative ways to approach even the most difficult of cases.  Even if you find a separation anxiety dog trainer who is qualified to help you and is not a CSAT, you’ll miss out on this network of amazing trainers dedicated to helping resolve your case.

Although we always recommend working with a CSAT, we believe working with a separation anxiety dog trainer in general is important.  The human element in this type of dog training simply cannot be replaced.  Our CSATs are essentially doggie psychologists, working with both you and your pup for the same common goal.  This type of training requires an emotional connection and a level of compassion from a trainer that no app, product, or “quick fix” can provide.


Why Apps, Toys, and Other Prodcuts Do Not Work

As I just mentioned, the human element in dog separation anxiety training is critical for a long lasting solution.  Trust me, if there was a solution that could solve this issue overnight, I’d be all for it!  The sad truth however, is that these type of “quick fixes” that are marketed today are simply too good to be true.  We’ve spent decades researching and developing effective protocols based off of hundreds of dog’s behaviors and cases.  The other products and options available today generally are just an ineffective method or product that is surrounded by effective marketing.  The only person benefiting from these types of solutions are the people selling them, certainly not your dog.

The biggest problem we see with ineffective solutions is the false sense of hope they can provide.  Oftentimes owners are at their wits’ end with the behavioral problems their dog is exhibiting.  Maybe they are at risk of losing their apartment because their dog is barking all day while they are at work, or he is destroying the property.  Regardless of the scenario, these products delay owners and dogs from getting they help they need.  This can result in a dog losing their home, which we find unacceptable. 

If Working with a CSAT is Best, Why Have an Online Course?

As I said before, our goal is to ensure pups are able to overcome separation anxiety.  Period.  No dog or owner should have to live with the fear and pain this condition causes.  We do always recommend working with a CSAT because we feel it is the most effective method of treatment, but some owners simply aren’t ready or able to make that investment yet.  This is why we developed the self-paced, online course called Mission Possible.

Mission Possible is not a quick fix or do it yourself app that you download.  This online course is the culmination of our decades of work for you to implement at your pace with your pup.  The difference between this online course and an app or other product is CSAT involvement.  The course is interactive, meaning you get to communicate directly with CSATs while you complete the lessons.  We’re there every step of the way to answer your questions, and if necessary, we can set up a time for a further in depth consultation for you and your dog.  It’s a great place to start your separation anxiety journey – a community full of other owners and CSATs who know exactly what you are going through.

We are Separation Anxiety Dog Trainers - It's What We do

If you have explored our website at all, you’ll quickly notice helping dogs overcome separation anxiety is what we do.  Our team of CSATs are dedicated to helping your dog overcome separation anxiety in the most efficient and effective way possible, no matter where in the world you live.  Although we feel our remote training option is truly the best protocol available to help your dog live his best life, we simply want to make sure he can get the help he needs.

Contact Us for More Infomation

As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, or leave a comment!  Make sure to follow us on Facebook to join the conversation, we can’t wait to hear from you!

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About Malena DeMartini

Malena DeMartini is renowned in the dog training industry for her work with separation anxiety over the past two decades. She is the author of two groundbreaking books on the topic, and the founder of the Separation Anxiety Certification program. More information about Malena and resources about separation anxiety can be found on her website at:

About Malena

Malena DeMartini is renowned in the dog training industry for her work with separation anxiety over the past two 

decades, for more information about Malena Read More…

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