A Success Story in the Making

A couple from Ypsilanti experience the value of separation anxiety training for both them and their Goldendoodle. Kathryn Taylor and Eric Lagergren adopted Willa in June of 2017, becoming her third—and final—home in just 18 months. Given her history of rehoming, the information included on her surrender paperwork, and the details offered by the person […]

Guidance from CSAT’s for Separation Anxiety Training

I will never forget the last time Beanz was home alone. I had left early for work and my housemate had taken Beanz for a walk, settled her in her room with a stuffed Kong, and turned on Beanz’s special TV channel. She had left Beanz safe and sound. On my return from work, as […]

Me, Emmy and Separation Anxiety

When I brought Emmy home it was with the dream that all new dog owners have. Happy, joyful and full of excitement. I couldn’t wait to get to building mine and this little girl’s relationship with love, joy and fun. Little did I know that I would encounter a bigger training challenge then I had […]

The History of a Dog Who Overcame Separation Anxiety

Watson is a handsome, medium sized mixed breed fella that will be four years old this coming April. He was an owner surrender, for unknown reasons, and adopted by his wonderful mom in San Francisco about 10 months ago. Watson is not what you would call a super cuddle bug necessarily. Not that he doesn’t […]

Saving Strider: The journey is not easy, but the results are so worth it

Four things contributed to my rash decision to adopt a dog when I probably shouldn’t have: I was 24. He was “free” because I worked at the shelter. I thought I could take whatever a new dog could throw at me because I have an animal behavior background. Look at his face. Could you blame […]

Doug’s Story: From Hopeless to Happy Ending

doug hopless to happy

Four months ago I was about to make the most painful decision of my life. I was going to put Doug down. For those who haven’t been following the story of Doug’s separation anxiety journey, let me rewind a little. February of last year I decided to re-home Doug — my scruffy, blonde, sweet mutt. […]

Overcoming OUR Separation Anxiety

Sakari SepAnx

I wish I could say that I had some altruistic rescue story, but in truth, my dog, Sakari, had a very privileged life. I adopted her at 8-weeks old, she was never abused, and she was loved beyond measure. Four years ago, I bought a new house and got a roommate, who was retired and […]

Reasons to Celebrate: Oso’s Separation Anxiety Journey

black and white Oso

The first time I heard about separation anxiety in dogs, I was a teenager. My mom noticed that our dog Boomer was chewing a windowsill when he was home without his people. Mom put a towel over the windowsill and gently told me it would “remind Boomer not to chew when he got nervous.” Like […]

A Coming Out Story – A Dog Trainer’s Account

Dog trainer

This is a coming out story, but maybe not the kind you’d expect. This is a story of a dog trainer who couldn’t fix her own dog. There, I said it. I know hair stylists don’t do their own hair, and teachers don’t instruct their own children in every subject, and certainly dentists don’t fill […]

Our Separation Anxiety Journey; It Can Be Done


Someone once said, “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.” As I reflect on our journey—Holly’s and my husband’s and mine—I have to disagree. It’s about both. Breaking that tape is as important as how we got to the finish line. But yes, I concede, the journey to get there was undeniably transformative. […]