How to Leave a Dog with Separation Anxiety Alone

How to leave a dog with separation anxiety alone

As you may or may not know, dog separation anxiety is a debilitating condition that likely causes some disruptive behavior in your pup. He’s not upset with you, he’s basically having panic attacks that are truly terrifying. If you’d like to learn more about separation anxiety, I’d recommend you read these FAQs to answer some of your questions. If you’re here because you are looking for an answer to the question “how to leave a dog with separation anxiety alone” then read on to learn why this actually is not the correct question to be asking.

Separation Anxiety Dog Trainer: The Human Element

Separation Anxiety Dog Trainer

Dog separation anxiety is a condition that causes dogs to display disruptive behaviors at home. Essentially, your dog is having a panic attack every time you leave your home. Being alone is a genuinely scary experience for them. If you’d like to learn more about separation anxiety read about it here. A Separation Anxiety Dog Trainer is a special breed of person who has dedicated themselves to bettering the lives of pups, and owners.

Dealing with Separation Anxiety: What About You?

Separation Anxiety Dog Trainer

I have a list (a long one even) of topics that I want to write about with respect to dog separation anxiety and the training involved. The good news is that I will be addressing those topics soon not just in written form but in a variety of different mediums

Dog Separation Anxiety Medication

Unique in Every Way But One It has been an absolute honor to have spent almost 18 years working with dog separation anxiety clients.  I have learned so much and gained a tremendous understanding of the nuances of this condition. Every dog is a unique individual and presents something slightly different for me to discover […]

Saving Strider: The journey is not easy, but the results are so worth it

Four things contributed to my rash decision to adopt a dog when I probably shouldn’t have: I was 24. He was “free” because I worked at the shelter. I thought I could take whatever a new dog could throw at me because I have an animal behavior background. Look at his face. Could you blame […]

Did you know that your dog barks all day?

attentive pup

  “Did you know that your dog barks all day?” my neighbour asked me one day. The simple answer was: no, I didn’t. It was this conversation that led me on the path to discovering my dog-ownership bombshell: that my dog Percy had separation anxiety. I can vividly recall how I felt that day my […]

Separation Anxiety – What Not to Do

dog - just say no

Your dog is urinating in the house when you are gone. He should be told he’s wrong, right? Your dog chewed up the couch while he was alone. He should be scolded, right? Your dog is barking when no one is home. You should tell him that he is misbehaving, right? It is a common […]

Doug’s Story: From Hopeless to Happy Ending

doug hopless to happy

Four months ago I was about to make the most painful decision of my life. I was going to put Doug down. For those who haven’t been following the story of Doug’s separation anxiety journey, let me rewind a little. February of last year I decided to re-home Doug — my scruffy, blonde, sweet mutt. […]

Travel Training My SepAnx Dog

The irony of all ironies for me was discovered within days after bringing home my brand-new puppy. We named her Tini as in “Tini DeMartini,” and boy did she ever live up to that name. Within a day or two of arriving in our home, she started shadowing me everywhere — it was as if […]