Dealing with Separation Anxiety: What About You?

I have a list (a long one even) of topics that I want to write about with respect to dog separation anxiety and the training involved. The good news is that I will be addressing those topics soon not just in written form but in a variety of different mediums

Dog Separation Anxiety Medication

Unique in Every Way But One It has been an absolute honor to have spent almost 18 years working with dog separation anxiety clients.  I have learned so much and gained a tremendous understanding of the nuances of this condition. Every dog is a unique individual and presents something slightly different for me to discover […]

Guidance from CSAT’s for Separation Anxiety Training

I will never forget the last time Beanz was home alone. I had left early for work and my housemate had taken Beanz for a walk, settled her in her room with a stuffed Kong, and turned on Beanz’s special TV channel. She had left Beanz safe and sound. On my return from work, as […]

Me, Emmy and Separation Anxiety

When I brought Emmy home it was with the dream that all new dog owners have. Happy, joyful and full of excitement. I couldn’t wait to get to building mine and this little girl’s relationship with love, joy and fun. Little did I know that I would encounter a bigger training challenge then I had […]

Being There for the Pups and the People

Many years ago I read a passage in a book that changed the way I viewed life. It was about washing dishes, of all things. Be in the moment — enjoy the moment — the passage read. If, when you are doing the dishes, you are thinking about what went wrong earlier in the day […]

Suspending absences: Not just doable. It’s being done!

  Many, if not most, dog trainers shy away from working with pups who suffer from separation anxiety. In fact, when I started working with sep-anx dogs more than 16 years ago, my client had to beg me to take on her case. She had been turned down by six other trainers already, and she […]

Family Dynamics in Training Separation Anxiety

Family in field silhouette separation anxiety

It is a lovely thing when we get to have relationships with loved ones and that includes the dog! I find it fascinating that the majority of our separation anxiety clients are either single or just two people in the family. Is this some sort of self-selecting process? Maybe, or maybe families with kids have […]

Attachment Ain’t The Thing

  Does your dog cling to you or shadow you everywhere you go? Even to the bathroom? It has been said that dogs with separation anxiety have an over-attachment to their guardians, but evidence shows that this is not necessarily true. If you talk to your friends, colleagues and neighbors with dogs that don’t have […]

Did you know that your dog barks all day?

attentive pup

  “Did you know that your dog barks all day?” my neighbour asked me one day. The simple answer was: no, I didn’t. It was this conversation that led me on the path to discovering my dog-ownership bombshell: that my dog Percy had separation anxiety. I can vividly recall how I felt that day my […]

The Medication Conundrum

Medication for dogs

Sometimes separation anxiety training isn’t enough. Strike that. Oftentimes training isn’t enough. In my 16 years of work treating separation anxiety, I have seen so many dogs whose training plodded along slowly until they started taking anti-anxiety or antidepressant medications. Then suddenly, their capacity to handle longer and longer absences grew to new heights. Of […]