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  • The Separation Anxiety Certification Program is an intensive and rewarding program, though it is certainly not for everyone.  Participants will be hand selected from numerous applicants. Upon successful graduation of the program, graduates will be listed on our website as Certified Separation Anxiety Trainers and as such, we are quite selective about the people we admit into the program. The questionnaire listed below will begin the interview process for admittance into the program.

    Please provide sufficient information about yourself so that we feel we have enough information to begin the selection process. You will receive confirmation that we received your application and we will let you know that things are pending and for which program you may be eligible. Due to the overwhelming response to our Certification Program there is a considerable wait list, so please don’t expect to get into the first program or two. Programs will be offered 2 – 3 times per year.

    The cost of the program is payable in full 30 days prior to the first day of the program via check. Non US participants may need to issue a bank transfer. If you desire to pay by credit or debit card there is an additional 4% processing fee. If you require a payment plan, we can split the cost into payments, however the balance must still be paid prior to 30 days of beginning the program.

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  • "This morning I took Buddy to the park and I feel so disappointed about how he behaved. I brought my bag of treats as you suggested, but he was playing with a group of dogs and when I called him he didn’t come like he did when worked with him the other day. I’m so frustrated that Buddy won’t listen to me the way he did with you. I just don’t feel the training is working, and that Buddy doesn’t understand because he is so stubborn. I don’t know what to do. Thanks, Carol"
  • "Could I hire you to help me train Ruby to an Invisible Fence? I know, I know - not my favorite fence type either, but with my property I thought it may be best, and it really is my only option. Let me know, thanks! -Alice"
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