Is Dog Separation Anxiety

Right For You & Your Business?

Separation anxiety training takes an enormous amount of training and real-world experience to be effective.  Separation anxiety training isn’t the right fit for everyone – though the work is incredibly rewarding for those who want to help owners and dogs.

A 21st Century Approach To SA

Today’s technology—laptops, smartphones, video recorders, Skype, Zoom—have allowed us to revolutionize training a dog with separation anxiety. This renders tiresome old training protocols a thing of the past (good riddance!). Some basic comfort around technology is a must for this work. I’ll teach you the rest.


When it comes to dogs and separation anxiety training, I believe in a team approach. I’ll teach you how to team successfully with clients to help their dogs, and we’ll be working as a team too. A love of working with people, and a great deal of patience with them, are critical to success.

The Stress Of Dog Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is stressful for the dog, the owner, and the trainer. There will be setbacks, emotional client moments, and occasionally difficult decisions about re-homing or euthanasia. Steady, enthusiastic, unwavering client- support is the heart of this work. Having a solid  plan will help improve symptoms. Additionally, the ability to manage your own emotions and stress levels is of vital importance in maintaining your enthusiasm with separation anxiety training for years to come.

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