Me, Emmy and Separation Anxiety

When I brought Emmy home it was with the dream that all new dog owners have. Happy, joyful and full of excitement. I couldn’t wait to get to building mine and this little girl’s relationship with love, joy and fun. Little did I know that I would encounter a bigger training challenge then I had

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The History of a Dog Who Overcame Separation Anxiety

Watson is a handsome, medium sized mixed breed fella that will be four years old this coming April. He was an owner surrender, for unknown reasons, and adopted by his wonderful mom in San Francisco about 10 months ago. Watson is not what you would call a super cuddle bug necessarily. Not that he doesn’t

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Being There for the Pups and the People

Many years ago I read a passage in a book that changed the way I viewed life. It was about washing dishes, of all things. Be in the moment — enjoy the moment — the passage read. If, when you are doing the dishes, you are thinking about what went wrong earlier in the day

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The Shocking Truth – Separation Anxiety and Bark Collars

Baldwin the Bulldog barked and barked and barked when he was left home alone. Because his guardians, Samantha and her fiancé Paul, received complaints by their landlord and neighbors about the noise, they purchased a “bark collar” in hopes of quieting Baldwin. First, they used one that sprayed citronella in Baldwin’s face when he barked,

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Fixing Separation Anxiety with Another Dog – Yay or Nay?

Updated January 2023 As a separation anxiety dog trainer, there are many frequently asked questions that come up on a regular basis.  “Does getting a second dog help with separation anxiety?” is one of the most common questions I receive via Facebook, Google, and email.  Basically, the common sense thought by owners here is if

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Suspending absences: Not just doable. It’s being done!

Many, if not most, dog trainers shy away from working with pups who suffer from separation anxiety. In fact, when I started working with sep-anx dogs more than 16 years ago, my client had to beg me to take on her case. She had been turned down by six other trainers already, and she was

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About Malena

Malena DeMartini is renowned in the dog training industry for her work with separation anxiety over the past two 

decades, for more information about Malena Read More…

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