Our Separation Anxiety Journey; It Can Be Done

Someone once said, “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.” As I reflect on our journey—Holly’s and my husband’s and mine—I have to disagree. It’s about both. Breaking that tape is as important as how we got to

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Logic Doesn’t Apply to Separation Anxiety

There’s something symbolic about the remarkable rainstorm that is the backdrop of Ron and Dina as we talk on Skype; the two of them in Florida, me in California. I watch the exasperated faces of Hannah the Beagle’s guardians as

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dog and technology

A Little Tech Yields Big Benefits

  Fellow trainers are often surprised to hear that I work completely remotely with most of my separation anxiety clients. All it takes is a little technology. To date, I have been able to resolve several hundred separation anxiety cases

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Finding the Facts and Getting Support

One of my jobs is to serve as the initial point of contact for Malena DeMartini and the other trainers. In this job, I walk prospective clients through what a separation anxiety protocol will look like, take some history and

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feeding toys

Comfort Food — How Beneficial are Feeding Toys?

In my blog about Guinness the dog (“From Auspicious Beginnings to a Hard-Won Solution,” May 13, 2015), I mentioned the use of interactive feeding toys as part of working with separation anxiety — and it inspired a fair number of

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dog clues of severity

How Serious Is It and Does It Matter?

In working with various dog behavior disorders, including separation anxiety, we often categorize the level of severity. We talk about bite severity scales, how much the dog jumps, what the lack of impulse control is, how often he is pulling.

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Malena Demartini
Malena DeMartini is the author of Treating Separation Anxiety in Dogs (Dogwise Publishing) and the founder of
the Separation Anxiety Certification Program. Read More…

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