Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer

What is a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer?
  We are the experts in successful resolution of separation anxiety.

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Why Hire a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer

Living with separation anxiety is upsetting and stressful for dog and human both, and owners struggling with this condition in their dogs are too often told there’s little that can be done. CSATs know that isn’t true.

Why choose Us

Hundreds of separation anxiety cases resolved
We are widely recognized as the leaders in treating separation anxiety, in no small part due to our unparalleled track record of successfully resolved cases. Trainers, veterinarians and dog fanciers all over the world refer their separation anxiety cases and inquiries to our team of CSATs.

Highly experienced, accomplished trainers
We choose only the most skilled dog professionals to do this work. To gain admission to our CSAT study program requires a lengthy application process and demonstration of extensive training and counseling experience in addition to advanced training aptitude.

An Amazing Team

Intensive separation anxiety study and training
CSAT trainers engage in over three months of intensive study of the treatment of separation anxiety, involving over 100 hours of instruction, high level coursework, and exams.

A team approach led by leading expert Malena DeMartini
World-renowned separation anxiety expert, author, and lecturer Malena DeMartini personally trains the CSAT team and oversees cases through online discussions and case review round tables. Through this process you benefit from the top minds in the industry coming together to give you and your dog the best chance of a new, anxiety-free start together.

Happy Dog

Support You Can Count On

Real support
CSATs don’t just understand separation anxiety from the dog’s point of view. We know what it means to live with a dog with SA. Our CSATs are chosen not only for their training skills, but also for their compassion, empathy, and ability to support clients through the SA training process. Many of the CSATs have had separation anxiety dogs themselves.

Peace of mind
Imagine living with a dog who can peacefully enjoy a nap while you’re at work or making a run to the grocery store. It really is possible, and you can’t be in better hands to get there than a CSATs.

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